SandBar - SandBar Kit

The SandBar® is the Ultimate Callus Management System

Quantity: 2
Designed for Hands 
  • More effective than a pumice stone or file
  • Cost effective - No parts/components to replace
  • Safer than razor blades, scissors or pocket knife
  • More durable than competing products
  • Proudly made in the USA


100% Natural Goodness - 

Bar Butter 

  • Promotes healing with organic essential oils
  • Safe to use on all fitness related abrasions
  • Conditions calluses without making them soft
  • Hand Made in the USA
  • Superior ingredients; compared to the other guys
  • Vegan Friendly
Ingredients: Organic shea butter, Candelilla Wax, Moringa Oleifera seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, arrowroot flour, organic essential oil blend (lavender and tea tree)


  •    Durable, waterproof and washable
  •    Best hand and foot callus treatment
  •    Safer than shavers, razors, or callus removers
  •    More durable than competing products
  •    Created and tested by a variety of athletes
  •    One year warranty, satisfaction guarantee!


• 8" SandBar Callus File
• Protective Case
• 100% All-Natural SandBar Salve


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