Rehband - QD Compression Calf Sleeve

Rehband Compression Calf Sleeve prevents lactic acid build-up and reduces swelling. The compression material minimizes fatigue and muscle soreness and improves the performance and recovery.

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  • Aligned with Body Mechanics: Rehband men’s and women’s compression calf sleeves are created by a dedicated R&D team working alongside textile engineers to offer superior comfort, fit, and support. The graduated compression means the pressure is greater around the upper ankle area, decreasing as you move up towards the knee. This graduated pressure helps combat gravity, improving circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the lower leg, and boosting endurance capacity.
  • Advanced Compression Technology: Whether you’re a world class athlete or casual weekend warrior, Rehband calf compression sleeves can help you maximize your advantage, train for longer and recover faster. Rehband compression calf sleeves are anatomically designed to deliver increased calf muscle support, stabilize the lower leg for greater muscle efficiency, improve circulation, speed up lactic acid removal, helping your lower leg muscles maintain peak function and recover faster after a demanding exercise session or event, making them a must-have addition to your running gear.
  • Combining Sports and Medicine: Rehband’s superior quality graduated compression calf sleeves offer physiological and biomechanical support of the lower extremities, including the upper ankle. This helps counter the repetitive vibrations that contribute to muscle fatigue during a strenuous workout session. By keeping the calf muscles more contained, calf compression sleeves help to improve balance and proprioception and so minimize muscle fatigue. More efficient pumping of the calf muscles works to boost the flow of oxygenated blood and essential nutrients to the lower extremities while speeding up the removal of lactic acid that leads to lower leg cramps and soreness.
  • Based in Scientific Research and Evidence: The more oxygenated blood and essential nutrients your lower leg muscles receive, and the more efficiently lactic acid and lymph is drained away, the better your muscles will function. Rehband snug-fitting, non-slip sports compression sleeves are anatomically designed to offer graduated calf muscle support, stimulate the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the lower leg, aid in the prevention of the formation of clots in the lower extremities, counter cramps and lower leg pain, and ultimately leave your legs feeling refreshed and energized post a tough crossfit training session or trail run.


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