Rehband - JR. Rx Knee Sleeves 5 MM

An amazing replica of the RX Knee Sleeve in smaller sizes for younger athletes!

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Rehband has developed this high durability sleeve to prevent injuries and maximize workout performance. A replica of the RX Knee Sleeve in smaller sizes for younger athletes. Our patented 4-panel construction provides comfort and support throughout the joint extension. The combination of warmth and compression keeps your knee safer and improves your muscle control. Classified as a medical device, it delivers results.

An increasingly popular tactic for young athletes to gain a competitive edge during off-season is strength training; in combination with plyometric and/or agility training. Rehband has revised Sports Health’s article review by Dahab, K. S. and McCambridge, T. M, which clarifies some common myths associated with youth strength training. It also outlines the most current recommendations for safe and successful youth strength training. Young athletes and non-athletes alike, can improve strength and overall health by participating in a strength training program that is structured and well supervised.

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