Endurance Apparel & Gear - Defender Tactical Plate Carrier Vest Set

The Defender Plate Carrier is made to last for years and through all your workouts.

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The Defender Plate Carrier is made to last for years and through all your workouts. This plate carrier is designed to fit everybody size and type, assuring the fit to be snug to avoid friction. This vest is great for military, police, firefighting or fitness training and will move with you on all movements. Defender Tactical Plate Carrier is sold separate or as a set with plates. (20#, 14# or 10# sets)


  • Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Adjustable Standard Commerbund
  • Adjustable Weight
  • Elastic Commberbund
  • Front velco pocket, great for your phone or grips
  • Quick Release velco
  • Airflow Padding
  • GrabDrag Handle
  • Water Resistant
  • Vest Weight 2.5LB
  • Color: Black
  • Fits Rogue Vest Plate
  • Fits Endurance Vest Plates sold separately (USA Made)
  • Defender Carrier is made for fitness ONLY, not for body armor

How to adjust your plate carrier to fit you.

Plate Details:

Endurances Weight Vest Plates were made and designed for use Endurance Defender or 5.11 Tactical Vest. The weighted plates can also be used with a wide range of other tactical training / weighted vests on the market (be sure to check the measurements to assure a proper fit with any other vest).


Additional Specifications:

  • Made in the USA
  • Sold as Pairs
  • Laser-Cut Steel Construction

Fits great in a Defender or 5.11 Tactical Plate Carrier Vest. Powder Coated steel plates available to fit The Defender Endurance or 5.11 Tactical Vest.

  • Dedicated Opening for Easy Hanging Storage
  • Side and bottom slots to fit secure in a tactical vest
  • Sold in a set/pair
    • (5# = 10 total pounds)
    • (7# = 14 total pounds)
    • (10# = 20 total pounds)
  • 11 L x 9.5 W

IMPORTANT: These plates are meant to be used strictly as a fitness accessory and should never be used as body armor.

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