Endurance Apparel & Gear - Endur the Resistance Hip Igniter Solid

Tones Glutes, Thighs & Hips

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LEG, HIP & GLUTE WORKOUTS - add resistance to your current workout or create a resistance band workout that targets the areas you want to tone, tighten or strengthen. Build muscle and achieve gains. WORKOUT ANYWHERE - compact & travel friendly, travel pouch to carry the whole set or just a few sizes.

BUILD YOUR BOOTY - a simple, fast and effective way to stretch, tone, flatten and firm your entire body. Strengthen your legs, hips, quads, glutes, thighs, and butt with no other equipment or machine. Increase flexibility quickly, tone and shred love handles and saddlebags. If you have a favorite leg exercise - simply add the hip band to increase the intensity for a better end result!

SOFT FABRIC 2” Hip Bands with Grippy Strips on Level 2 & 3. - The most versatile fitness accessory, tone & tighten the whole body. Ideal for beginners and advanced users.

NO ROLLING, TWISTING OR SNAPPING – Endur the Resistance Bands are made of soft, comfortable fabric, doesn’t roll, twist, curl, bunch up, snap or pull skin or hairs. LONG-LASTING durable fabric doesn’t rip or tear like rubber resistance bands.

PERFECT FOR ON THE GO! Tone and sculpt your booty anywhere, anytime with these Booty Bands! Pack them in your bag and bring them with you for toning on the go. Choose between strengthening and fine toning bands. Includes a carry bag for easy travel.


  • Sweat Resistant
  • Strong & Sturdy
  • Four Resistance Levels
  • Soft on Skin
  • Won’t Tear or Rip
  • Non-Roll Built-In Grip (not available on all colors)
  • Perfect Resistance
  • Won’t rip Leg Hairs Off
  • High Quality
  • Includes a Canvas Carry Bag


  • Elastic Strength Level 2 (Light Strength) No Slip Grip on Inside 
    • Pink Color Band 
  • Elastic Strength Level 3 (Medium Strength) No Slip Grip on Inside
    • Blue Color Band
    • Grey Camo Band
    • Pink Camo Band
    • USA Band
  • Elastic Strength Level 4 (Heavy Strength)
    • Black Color Band 
  • Elastic Strength Level 5 (Super Heavy Strength)
    • Yellow Color Band


  • Level 3 - 30% Cotton, 70% Polyester Rubber Lines
  • Level 4 - 20% Cotton, 80% Polyester
  • Level 5 - 100 % Polyester


Large 15 Inches (38cm)



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