Endurance Apparel & Gear - Endurance 4" Nylon Belt

Gain confidence in your lifting ability, and worry less about injury with the 4” Double-Support Weight Lifting Belt from Endurance.

Quantity: 4


  • 4” Belt Tapped Side
  • Double Brace Support
  • Train Harder: No matter your training style, you’ll be able to go harder and know you have support with the Endurance Weight Lifting Belt.
  • Made of Polyester Fabric
  • Quality-Materials: Created from durable neoprene weaved with nylon cloth; this belt is as tough as it is flexible - great for any type of lifting or twisting.
  • Extra Support: Extra wide 4 inch belt for maximum lower back Support and abdominal protection during heavy lifting.
  • Metal Slide Bar Buckle
  • Easily Adjusted: Easily adjust the belt to fit any size or shape with the Stainless Steel Slide Bar Buckle.
  • Velcro Fastening
  • Tapered Sides: Tapered on the side and front for a comfortable fit
  • 100% Nylon Thread Stitching


This belt is made from highly-durable Neoprene weaved with nylon cloth for an extra flexible fit that moves with your body. The 4” wide back features a double layer of support.

This weight-training belt can be easily adjusted using the stainless steel slide bar buckle, creating a superior fit for any body shape or size. The loop and hoop closure makes taking the belt on and off a snap, and provides extra support for the rest of the belt.

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