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Endurance is Now Delivering

Endurance is Now Delivering

Endurance is NOW Delivering
in Hampton Roads!

Ever need something like knee sleeves or hand grips and couldn’t make into our spectacular store because of the towering traffic of Hampton Roads or your stuffed schedule? Well, we hear and understand you. Endurance is ecstatic to now offer a delivery service during the 2019 CrossFit Open! We have partnered with many local gyms and stores in the Hampton Roads area to offer a delivery service and several pickup location (“hotspots”) so that you can spend more time in the gym and not driving.

Wondering how you can create and receive orders? It’s Easy!

1. Go to our website enduranceapparelva.com and order your items, which can be delivered to a hotspot near you.

2. At check-out, select a hotspot to pick up your items.

If you don’t have time to search the website, give us a call and Team Endurance will place the order for you. 757-416-5551

3. Once your order is final we will deliver your items to the hotspot that you selected. You will then receive an email or text message to verify that your order is ready for pickup.

4. Pick up your order from the hotspot and ENJOY.

We, at Endurance Apparel and Gear, are motivated to serve our community and thank you for shopping with us.