Pull Up Hold Competition

Pull Up Hold Competition

Pull-Up Hold Competition and Giveaway!

Come HANG with us from 10am-5pm this Saturday, May 20th for our Pull-Up Hold Competition and Giveaway! It’s Sample Saturday but with a twist! You’ll have the opportunity to try Secret Stuff Chalk and then hop on our Demo Rig, holding a pull-up for as long as possible.

The male, female, & youth who holds on in a pull-up position the longest will receive some great swag from Friction Labs and Endurance Apparel and Gear!

Special Guest!
Joining us will be Colin from Boxed Gourmet. You’ll be able to give them a try and see why their meal-prep is the way to go.

Come sample the cleanest SO3 + D3 Omega-3 oil available by SFH.

An all-natural concentrated Omega-3 oil in liquid form to optimize absorption efficiently. Available in a convenient 8oz pump, delivering more than 3500mg EPA+DHA and 1000 IU Vitamin D3 in 1 tsp! Soy free, gluten free and sugar free, and NSF and IFOS certified.

Pull-Up Hold Competition Details to Know...

• Youth (13 and Under), Male & Female Adult Contests!
• Adult Winners receive a FREE bottle of Secret Chalk and Tee Shirt, Youth Winner receives a FREE pair of JAW Jr. Grips
• Contest will end at 4:45pm May 20th, 2017.
• Winner will be announced on Facebook and Instagram by the end of day, May 20th, 2017.

Official Rules:
• Initial position: grasp the bar with both hands – any grip is permitted.
• After judge’s signal, start the hold: Raise your body until your chin surpasses the pull-up bar. Once the chin fully passes the bar, the time will start.
Note: Swinging, jerking, or “kipping” the body or legs to use momentum during pull-ups is not allowed.
• Chalk and Secret Chalk is permitted.
• At no time can you use anything but chalk and your hands to stay on the bar.
• Go until failure – Once the chin is lower than the bar, or the chin rests on the bar, time is stopped.

We hope to see you all Saturday.
-Team Endurance


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