New Year New You Nutrition Challenge

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New Year New You Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition is something most of us struggle with. We either eat too much, not enough, or not the correct foods. Whatever it maybe we struggle with getting it right for the goals we want.

Myself personally I have gained weight over the past two years with owning Endurance. It is not because I am eating out, or driving through a fast food line…it’s because I am not eating in a way that is optimal to my goals. I am not fueling my body with what it needs throughout the day to keep my metabolism working. I can feel it in my workouts, lifts and life. I am ready for this 8 week challenge…ARE YOU?

We are looking for males or females with all different goals and lifestyles. Transformation isn’t always just weight loss. Are you looking to increase PRs, compete in a challenge or a race, or better your overall health?

If you want to enter to WIN our Endurance Transformation Challenge valued at $190.00, follow the “How to Enter” rules below. All details MUST be fully completed and on time. We will not accept any entries that do not include all of the requirements.

WINNERS will receive personal nutrition coaching from Candace Delany with CN Lifestyle + Nutrition for 8 weeks. You will receive a personal page that only you and your coach will see that includes your physical and behavioral goals, track all of your important metrics and unlimited messaging with you coach.

How to enter:

1. Like the event on Facebook and share with all of your friends.
2. Email Endurance at [email protected] with the following information
- A photo of you now…
i. VERY IMPORTANT Before and after pic MUST be in the same location, outfit and lighting. Must be a picture you took today.
- When is the last time you were on a diet or did a plan?
- What are your goals?
- What is your current physical fitness level? Ex: 3-4x a day. Walk, Run, CrossFit, Nothing
- Are you willing to commit for 8 weeks, no matter how hard it maybe?
- Are you okay with sharing your story with others?
- Most important, your story…why should you be selected to WIN this challenge?
- Are you willing to post up to 3 times a week about the challenge?
- Are you willing to do an after story of the 8 weeks, including your after picture?
3. All details above MUST be submitted NLT Wednesday, January 9, 2019 11:59pm

If we select you for our 8 week challenge we will require:
1. Before, during and after pictures.
2. You MUST be 100% dedicated to the challenge. We are only selecting 3-4 truly dedicated people who want change!
3. A minimum of 3 post a week on Instagram and Facebook regarding the challenge.
a. You can talk about the challenges you are having, gains, questions, etc.
b. Each post must contain the following hashtags: #enduranceapparelandgear #endurancetranformationchallenge #cnlifestyle @enduranceapparelandgear
4. Candace with CN Lifestyle + Nutrition will email you waiver login info to get you started.
a. All waivers MUST be signed NLT January 14, 2019
b. You will log daily, whether that is food, workouts, habits or all of the above. Your CN Nutrition dashboard will include everything you need to log daily.
c. In 4 weeks you must weight and measure your body to see how you are doing.
5. Your after story…how the challenge went, your next goal…
6. After picture

1. You must sign and return the waiver NLT January 10, 2019 11:59pm
2. Challenge will start January 13,, 2019 – Final day is March 10, 2019
3. Final photo and write up MUST be emailed NLT March 10, 2019 11:59pm
4. Complete nutrition as prescribed.
5. Post on Instagram and Facebook of progression at least 3 times a week!
6. Using hashtag #endurancetransformationchallenge, #endurnaceapparelandgear @enduranceeapparelandgear when posting
7. Complete all 8 weeks of the challenge
8. No purchase necessary
9. Free to participate

Email your info to: [email protected]
Good Luck we are looking forward to helping you with Endurance Transformation Challenge!

Visit our Facebook page for full details. 


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