Nano 8.0 - Best Nano Yet

Nano 8.0 - Best Nano Yet

Although they visually appear to be Nano Weaves, the new Nano 8.0 are far from the previous Nano when it comes to comfort and flexibility. According to reviews done by “As Many Reviews as Possible” on YouTube, this is the most comfortable Nano yet.

The design of the flex weave does indeed separate the 8.0 from the Weave as it runs from heel to toe rather than across the shoe laterally. This design cue not only looks visually appealing but actually enhances the shoes flexibility.

Reebok made quite a few upgrades to enhance the comfort of the 8.0 such as a thicker insole, more cushion around the tongue of shoe, and an internal bootie and cage system, complete with additional cushion.

The bootie system alone contributes to a more cushioned toe box and more flexibility as it works better with the new flex weave design.

The heel counter of the shoe, looks very similar but you will notice the crossfit branding is removed, and it is connected to the flex weave upper creating a more flexible feel in the back of the shoe.

The midsole of the shoe has gone back to the dual density cushion which was seen in all other Nano’s besides the 7.0 and easily makes this the best Nano to run in. Assisting with this is the weight of shoe which is lighter than the 7.0 and 6.0.

When shopping for your new 8.0 stick to your normal Nano shoe size as they fit true to what you typically wear.

Write up courtesy of “As Many Reviews as Possible” YouTube Channel

To see the full review and write up courtesy of “As Many Reviews as Possible” YouTube Channel


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