CROSSFIT COMPOUND: Brains or Brawn??

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  • By Liz Bates, Public Relations Intern (Whoop!! Whoop!!)
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 CROSSFIT COMPOUND: Brains or Brawn??

Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you guess or choose. Easiest answer is both brains and brawn. This dynamic duo has got it all, but Tara (left) and I decided she’s the “Brains.” Tara just recently partnered with Ryan (right), when I asked her why she decided to go on a business adventure into Crossfit, her answer made me want to hug a stranger! She said, “this is where I feel comfortable and relaxed.” Her savvy business skills and big ‘ole heart make Crossfit Compound not just good but great! I just want to be clear though, I was her partner for a heavy back squat and I’m positive she’s Superwoman by night. Oh by the way, she still has a whole other full time career and went from member to kicking butt with the “Brawn” aka, Ryan Knutson.

Ryan is extremely sweet and very humble. I noticed his name on the wall with the Games logo in the bottom right corner (I’ve highlighted it in a bunch of other photos). When I pointed it out with some amazement he simply replied, “yup that’s my God given name.” Nothing extra, no lights, pizazz or long monologues, we just moved on talking about the gym and bragging about how much fun the members are to be around. Naturally I’m going to immediately look him up when I got home. Side bar: I am horrible with famous people, so for those of you that are rolling your eyes at me because I should know who he is...I apologize. I do realize that his accolade are overwhelming and more than impressive. Ummmm....yeah...Ryan is kind of a big deal, packed with knowledge, street cred and super qualified. I see you Ryan, way to be down to earth and making me feel like I’m apart of the Crossfit family.


I could go on and on about this amazing group but I would end up writing a book titled, “How I Had The Time Of My Life Doing A WOD With A Group Of Total Strangers And Almost Died Doing It, But I Would Totally Do It Again.” Maybe the title needs work, but I think I made my point. The best way to really catch the vibe of this crazy bunch in an atmosphere of a home away from home is to well...go there!! It’s organized, clean and by far the best way to shake off some of that day to day adulting stress. From Endurance Apparel and Gear’s home to yours, a very sincere well deserved thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Visit their website at or march
yourself right through the door. Trust me someone will come and say hi even if they aren’t staff.

Upcoming Events:
-They are 100% hosting a Murph!! I should know because I accidentally rubbed off the chalk with my bottom on their fun blackboard. Sorry again Melissa (The Chalk Girl)!!

-Beer Mile!! Melissa said it best, “It’s a lot of fun for a really great cause! Puppies and Beer.” June 30th - Donations go to Spikes K9 Fund. There will be more specific details and “Draft” flier coming out. Get onto their website and start linking up to all of their social media for the most up to date information.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else is doing out there in the community!! If you would like me to come and check out your spot hit me up on Instagram @lizbates01 or Malissa on any of her social media sites. Look out for a Facebook page coming soon repping Endurance Apparel’s multitude of community highlights!!

Parting Words - Get off the couch, move around, lift something heavy, catch a WOD at Compound and while you’re at it stop into Endurance Apparel and Gear. You’ll be glad you did!

-by Liz Bates, Public Relations Intern (Whoop!! Whoop!!)

Visit their website at


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