4th Annual Burpee Challenge

4th Annual Burpee Challenge

Let’s be honest, does anyone actually LOVE burpees?! Hate them or love them, the burpee is a functional exercise that builds overall strength and challenges your cardiovascular system all at the same time! While they can be a soul crusher, what IS great about burpees is that you can do them anywhere or anytime and they will work your entire body for an overall workout!

This is a FREE event for ANYONE who wants to challenge themselves. BUT if you want to WIN and get a KILLER Endure the Burpee Challenge Tee/Tank Shirt…we ask you donate $20.00 and Team Endurance will donate part of the proceeds to St. Jude/Compete for a Cure!

This 30-day challenge is for anyone at any fitness level. We want everyone to participate! Here are the ways to complete burpees at all levels:

Level 1: Basic Burpee (recommended for beginners)
1. Stand upright, feet shoulder width apart.
2. Squat down.
3. When you reach the squat position, reach your hands down to the ground and step back one leg at a time into a plank position.
4. Drop down into a pushup (it’s okay to let your belly/chest to touch the grown). Push back up.
5. Step your legs back in and resume squat position.
6. Stand up (or jump up if you’re feeling strong!) and clap your hands above your head.

Level 2: Beast Burpee (recommended for fastest times)
1. Stand upright, feet shoulder width apart.
2. Drop down into a squat.
3. As soon as you reach the squat position, bring your hands down to the ground quickly thrust out your legs out behind you so you’re in a pushup / press up position.
4. Drop your chest/stomach to the ground and push back up to the pushup / press up position. (Optional: do a pushup/press-up).
5. Quickly jump your legs back in and get back into the squat position.
6. Immediately jump as high as you can. Both feet must leave the ground and hands must go above your head. Once you land, get back into a squat position and repeat the steps above!

What will I WIN?
-Each athlete who donates to St. Jude and completes the entire 30 day challenge will win ONE Endure the Burpee Challenge T-Shirt!! (Shipping not included*)
-The athlete with the fastest time completing 100 burpees on day 30 will WIN a ROMWOD Mat (Value $118.00) and a killer Endurance Package from Endurance Apparel and Gear full of tons of goodies. (Value TBD)

To enter:
1. Like the event on Facebook.
2. SMS Endurance with your email and contact info.
3. Endurance will email you the waiver to sign – you MUST sign the waive and return it NLT October 12, 2021.
4. No purchase necessary to enter!*

NOTE: The Burpee Challenge is available to only the first 30 athletes who return the signed waiver on time, so DON’T WAIT!!

We will need:
• T-shirt size from each athlete with a signed waiver
• Signed waiver emailed back NLT October 12, 2021

1. You must sign and return the waiver NLT October 12, 2021. Once the waiver has been returned you will receive an email confirming you are in the challenge.
2. Challenge will start October 17, 2021 – Final day is November 15, 2021
3. Final video MUST be posted to Facebook NLT November 15, 2021 11:59pm EST
4. Complete the burpees as scheduled and as prescribed in the rules.
5. To qualify for the Endure the Burpee Challenge T-Shirt, you MUST complete all 30 days of the challenge on time and donate $20.00 to St. Jude.
6. You must post the videos of your completed burpees DAILY to Facebook. Make sure to tag @enduranceapparelandgear and use the hashtags #endurtheburpeechallenge2021 #enduranceapparelandgear
7. If you do not post your videos daily and tag @enduranceapparelandgear or use the hashtags #endurtheburpeechallenge2021 #enduranceapparelandgear you will be removed from the challenge!!
8. All videos MUST have a counter/timer on the video or visible in the background of your video. You will need to download an app to record your burpees with a counter/timer – we recommend Wetime. If you do not have a counter/timer, your times will not count towards the final prize!
9. Remember that health and safety are important! Be sure to check with your doctor before you start any new exercise regimen. Always use proper form for best results and to prevent injury. DO NOT compromise form and risk injury for the sake of being the fastest!! Decide how many burpees you want to do at a time. You do not have to complete the burpees unbroken.
10. Free to enter!! No purchase necessary* To be entered to WIN the grand prize and burpee tee shirt a $20.00 or more donation to St. Jude is required.

Do I need to complete all the burpees unbroken?
No! We recommend sets of 10. Form is most important to avoid injury.

Does it cost anything to enter?
The challenge is open to anyone! BUT if you want to WIN the grand prize and get a awesome burpee tee shirt, we ask you donate $20.00 – part of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude for Compete 4 a Cure.

How soon should I enter the challenge?
ASAP – the deadline to return the waiver signed and be entered into the challenge is October 12, 2021. This challenge is only open to the first 30 athletes to return their waiver on time and donate $20.00 ON TIME.

How do I WIN?
See Rules for details.

What will I win?
All athletes who complete the challenge as the rules state will win an awesome Endure the Burpee Challenge T-Shirt (does not include shipping*). The person with the fastest time to complete all 100 burpees on Day 30 will win a WODROM Mat (Value $118.00) and a killer Endurance Package from Endurance Apparel and Gear.

What if you have a tie?
The tie breaker will be all times added up for an average of the fastest time over 30 days.

Do I need to live in Virginia to enter?
No, everyone from all around is welcome to join the challenge!

*$7.95 shipping charge will apply to all those who complete the challenge and choose to have their shirt mailed to them within the US. Additional shipping charges apply for overseas.

How many burpees do I do each day?
Day 1 = 5
Day 2 = 10
Day 3 = 15
Day 4 = 20
Day 5 = Rest Day
Day 6 = 20
Day 7 = 25
Day 8 = 30
Day 9 = 35
Day 10 = Rest Day Enjoy it
Day 11 = 35
Day 12 = 40
Day 13 = 45
Day 14 = 50
Day 15 = Rest Day You Deserve it
Day 16 = 50
Day 17 = 55
Day 18 = 60
Day 19 = 65
Day 20 = Rest Day Almost done
Day 21 = 65
Day 22 = 70
Day 23 = 75
Day 24 = 80
Day 25 = Rest Day by now you are a professional
Day 26 = 80
Day 27 = 85
Day 28 = 90
Day 29 = 95
DAY 30 = 100 – You made it – This is your Final Day!
Total 1300 Burpees!

Be sure to keep a look out for fun challenges and other chances to win along the way!

Email us for a waiver: [email protected]

Email us for a waiver: [email protected]

Click here to follow link to our Facebook Event Page - where all the burpees happen!


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