King Kong Apparel - King Kong Original Duffel

The most advanced version of the Original King Kong Bag. Built specifically for the unique needs of elite fitness and will suit any active lifestyle.

Quantity: 3
  • SAVE TIME - We understand that your time is valuable and every second counts, so why would you waste precious time fumbling thru a gym bag trying to find a specific item? With the King Kong duffel bag everything that you pack will have its own place in one of the numerous compartments. This reduces your search time, which will help you reach your fitness goals faster.
  • SAVE MONEY - Stop wasting your hard earned money on a gym bag that doesn’t last two months. The King Kong Duffel bag is an investment that will repay you in just a few uses.  
  • CONFIDENCE - Confidence is a key component in anything that you do in your life. When it comes to work, school, or training the King Kong Duffel bag gives you an additional boost of confidence, knowing that you have everything you need to succeed. For instance the internal pouch has ample room for your big items like towels, clothes, weight belts, foam roller or any other gym accessory you can think of.
  •  STRONG & DURABLE - Hard work and dedication is something that is hardwired into all of us. With the King Kong bag you will never have the issue of your bag ripping at the seams or the zipper breaking.
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