KFT Brand - Freedom Bra Sweetest Pink

The Freedom Bra will become your new favorite.

Quantity: 4

Freedom of movement is critical when you are trying to work on creating the best version of yourself in the gym. 

Our Freedom Bra will provide medium support through barbell work, Pilates class, Yoga or gymnastics work. 

  • Thin straps will never get in your way.
  • Its open back style adds style and ensures freedom of movement 
  • High-Quality pads can be removed or left in for additional coverage and shape. No bunchy pads on our watch!
  • Breathable fabric that stretches with you and a soft, sweat-wicking liner keeps you comfortable all day long. 87%Nylon/ 13% Lycra/Spandex

This bra wears well under activewear tanks, on its own or with your favorite t-shirt.

We find this bra supports sizes 32A- 36C best.

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