CBDMedic - Active Sport Stick

Compact and Durable Stick Hands Free Application! Apply Active Sport and get back in the game!

Quantity: 5

Our Active Sport’s oil-based formula provides advanced pain relief from sports-induced muscle & joint pain while continuously delivering its proprietary formulation to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. Excellent for strains, muscle pulls, joint distress and general muscle soreness. Can be used before, during and after workouts. Apply Active Sport and get back in the game!

The Pain Stick is designed for optimal user comfort. Apply our powerful formulation directly to sore spots without getting any ointment on your hands. An ideal solution for on-the-go individuals. Quick and easy to apply, compact, durable, and can be taken anywhere.

Recommended areas of use:
Shoulders, Arms, Legs, and General Torso

Active Ingredients:
Menthol 15% and Camphor 10% (topical analgesics)

Other Ingredients:
Beeswax (organic), clove oil, sorbic acid, cottonseed oil, eucalyptus oil, hemp extract*, jojoba seed oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil.

* THC-free cannabinoid-rich hemp extract (CBD)

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